Who are we?

QualNimbus is an information and technology service provider that is focused on building value chain optimization and information analytics solutions in the Quality Management space. The company was founded by a veteran of the Testing, Inspections and Certifications (TIC) industry.

Our vision is:

To be a leader in the supply chain and quality management information solutions space by providing a cloud based SaaS technology platform that will optimize transaction and information management to empower businesses.

What are we all about?

We want to help participants in the supply chain (buyers, suppliers, service providers) improve their processes around quality management activities via innovative software solutions. We want to enable mechanisms via effective information management that will help drive actionable insights into product quality and supply chain risk. We build solutions that are focused on cost reductions, margin improvements and productivity gains while enhancing customer intimacy and delivering improved service levels. And we want to do all of this in a manner that is as frictionless and easy as possible.

Our solutions are all going to be available as cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions thereby eliminating the burden of needing an in-house IT team to help manage, evolve and support the solution. All of our solutions will continually evolve based on the feedback of our customers as well as the needs of the industry and its various stakeholders. By digitizing information, we want to make it easy to not only access but also easy to understand and mine for business intelligence and decision support purposes.


We are headquartered in Hong Kong and have our Global Development Center in India.